Shalimar Garden in Lahore

Shalimar Garden in Lahore

Shah Jahan built Bagh Shalimar. It is a great Mughal architecture in history. The construction of the park began in 1641 AD and was completed within a year. It was used as a royal pleasure garden during the 16th and 19th centuries. Shalimar Bagh is now located near Grand Trunk Road. The site of Shalimar Garden was originally the property of a noble member of the Lahore family. Mian Muhammad Yusuf donated the garden land to Emperor Shah Jahan, Mian Muhammad Yusuf granted to Emperor Shah Jahan, and the Mian dynasty granted the governance of Shalimar Garden.

The Shalimar Gardens Historic Site was once owned by the Aryan Mayan family of Bagbanpura. Shah Jahan rewarded them with the royal title of Mian for her services and contribution to the then Mughal Empire. Mian Muhammad Yusuf surrendered the possessions of the Mughal Empire under pressure from the royal engineers. They were interested in this particular site because of its ideal location and soil quality.

The Royal Bagh in Lahore has always been in close proximity to the walls so that it can be used exclusively by emperors and their families. In the ancient historical stories, we got traces of this park being so famous for the elephant contest. Shah Jahan used to enjoy the competition between the royal elephants in this park.

The garden is covered on all sides by a high brick wall. An attractive sight to watch due to the amazing intricate decor. The concept of the park was based on Char Bhagh. The dimensions of the park are 658 meters from north to south and 258 meters from east to west. The covered park has an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 80 acres. The gardens were spread over seven terraces, but only three of them remain. These three successive terraces are located in the center of the park. These suites were named after: Farah Baksh, Fayez Baksh, Hayat Baksh.

The fountains were supposed to be the biggest talismans for the Mughal families. There are hundreds of fountains that look absolutely gorgeous when they are open. Water pours through the fountains into incredibly beautiful white marble pools. They are well designed in such ancient times. It gives visitors a very relaxing feel. Distribution of fountains in the gardens.

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