Sensual Massage

Sensual massage or sensual massage is a relaxing massage with an erotic context, where the masseuse seeks to understand the specific needs of each patient to prepare his body to receive a sensual massage, applying the best movements through gentle and gentle touches to promote expansion.

And that’s it? No, in sensual massage, new possibilities are also explored, releasing stress and promoting energetic balance of body and mind. Going back in time, we can safely say that sensitive massage was one of the tantric massage techniques – perhaps the first level of the body’s approach to tantric therapy – most effective for stimulating different parts of the body and responding to different therapeutic and relaxation needs.

From antiquity to our time, no matter if you choose to get a sensual massage at a massage center that specializes in tantric therapies or prefer the comfort of home (and leave the massage to your partner’s discretion and pleasure), the result is the same: a sensitive massage that improves your sex life!

However, in the first case, with experienced therapists, you can take advantage of pre-determined movements according to your profile, to strengthen the neuromuscular system and reprogram, so to speak, your level of happiness to higher levels. That’s because a sensitive massage uses only light touches – mostly with fingertips – in alignment with breathing techniques to stimulate the neuromuscular system, generate vital energy, awaken body awareness and impart pleasure.

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