Lalqila Restaurant Lahore

Lalqila Restaurant Lahore

For the first time, Lalqila is an ISO-certified buffet restaurant, and it has locations throughout Pakistan (Karachi, Lahore, Hyderabad), the Middle East (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), South Africa (Johannesburg), and Oman (Toronto), Qatar (Jeddah), and Oman.
Restaurant evoking the grandeur of a bygone era of splendour and honour. A bright and visible expression of our sparkling esthetical essence. Combination and creativity are the only ways to go. We provide real Mughlai, Tandori, Live Bar-B-Que, and Traditional Pakistani food in a setting decorated in the style of the Mughlai period.

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In the dining rooms of Lalqila

The Sky Is the Limit

This area is surrounded by a river, like the Hamna River, which runs through Delhi’s Red Fort. There are two waterfalls that rise fountains, and the sound of the river flows through them.

The Mughlai Hall:

A Jharoka (lattice) adorns the outside of the Mughlai hall. To see Mughlai artistry at its best, look at it from the inside. Decorated with authentic artefacts from the Mughal Empire, this room transports you back in time.

In Dari, Bara is known as

In front of you, LalQila can be seen in all its glory from the loftiest vantage point possible.

The Dewan-e-Khas:

Mughlai Hall is a venue dedicated to parties after exiting Mughlai Hall, where you may experience the Fort Night in all its glory.


River Hamna, which originates from a waterfall and runs through the Red Fort, embodies an incredible scene that leaves everyone stunned.

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