Lahore Escort Service

Lahore Escort Service



It was my eleventh birthday and my mum had gone out in the evening with a client and he was one of her regulars who likes to take her out once every two weeks, when his wife was out of town, my mum brought him back to our house that night, I was in bed trying to block out their sexual voices, they stopped for some Then my mother came into my room and sat on my bed. My mother explained that her client had called her Roger, and she told me to join them in the bedroom, and my mother assured me that I would be safe so I agreed and we went to her room, Roger was naked, and Roger asked for my permission to touch me.

I gave him permission and slowly slowly began exploring his wet pussy, then showed me his penis. His cock was very long. He put his penis inside my vagina and I started screaming and he was fucking me so hard, his huge penis was extending internally and I was in so much pain I can’t explain, that night I lost my virginity and became an escort.

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