Difference Between Anal Sex & Oral Sex

Difference Between Anal Sex & Oral Sex

People know sex in different ways. Some people believe that sex is only if the penis enters the vagina, but this does not apply to everyone. Whatever gender you are, having sex with another person carries a lot of responsibility with it. Before having sex, think about the things you feel comfortable doing, ask what the other person feels comfortable doing and think about any associated risks such as STDs or pregnancy and how to help prevent them. It’s also important to think about what you don’t feel comfortable doing and then talk about it with your partner. And if you’re in the middle of doing something you thought you wanted to do but changed your mind, that’s okay too. You can stop at any time you want. If you’re going to have vaginal, oral, or anal sex, talk with your partner about how you can help protect each other from STIs.

Oral Sex Escort Lahore

Going down, eating out, an important hit. These are all names for oral sex using your mouth to stimulate another person’s genitals. Some people like oral sex, and some don’t. Some people like to have oral sex but they don’t like to have it. Some like to have it but not give it. This is all perfectly fine and normal, and it’s up to you to decide what you feel comfortable with, and let your partner know about it. You can’t get pregnant through oral sex, but you can get an STD if you don’t protect yourself. Although you are less likely to get an STI from oral sex than unprotected sex from vaginal or anal sex, safety is always best. Use a condom to cover the penis, block the teeth, or cut open a condom to cover the vulva or anus to help prevent STIs.

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Anal sex means the penis in the anus or the butt. Some people enjoy anal sex and some don’t like it at all or don’t even want to try. Sex should be good and relaxing for both of you. Anal sex can hurt if you are not relaxed and do not use lubricants. The anus doesn’t do its own lubricating job as the vagina does, so using lubricants helps the penis get into the anus easier and prevents the condom from breaking.

Lahore Museum Introduction

Lahore Museum Introduction

Lahore is one of the greatest ancient cities in the world. For at least 2,000 years, this city in northeastern Pakistan has been a center of education for scholars, poets, and mystics. To better understand the long history of this city, it is best to start your tour of Lahore at the cherished City Museum. Try to set aside two hours to make the most of a visit to the wonderful Lahore Museum, which houses exhibits covering the recorded history of the Indian subcontinent. Part of the collection was removed to India after the partition, but this is still the largest and perhaps the most impressive museum in Pakistan. The museum contains nearly 20 galleries with items dating from the Stone Age to the 20th century. It is particularly famous for its display of Gandharan carvings, manuscripts, Korans, an impressive collection of miniature paintings, carpets, various pieces of art from the Islamic era, articles from Mohenjodaro, Harappa and other Indus Valley Civilization sites, and an impressive collection of coins from the Achaemenid period onwards. Kim’s Library, in the Museum complex, stocks an interesting collection of novels and books of general interest.

The oldest pieces in this museum date back 500,000 years. Visitors can marvel at stone artifacts such as tools and religious objects in the former and primitive historical area. Some important items were discovered and donated to the museum by British archaeologists including measuring weights, pottery and even terracotta jewelry. These prehistoric items remind visitors how far back Lahore’s history stretched. People interested in coins will find a variety of coins on display at the Lahore Museum. Believe it or not, the Lahore Museum now houses 40,000 coins from all over South Asia, some dating back to the 6th century. Check out how civilizations like Mauryan, Indo-Parthian, Hun, Arab, Sikh and Mughal did business all those years ago.

Some of the other popular exhibits in this museum include an ancient and modern weapons area, a postage stamp collection, a hall for Islamic art and calligraphy, and an exhibition with miniature paintings. But the Lahore Museum is not just about ancient monuments. There are several sections in the museum dedicated to telling the story of modern Pakistan. Check out the gallery of contemporary paintings to see some of the greatest examples of modern Pakistani art. Only a few of the great Pakistani artists who have left pieces in the Lahore Museum are Ghulam Rasul, Asit Kumar Haider, Shakir Ali and Jamil Naqqash.

There is also an exhibition in the Lahore Museum dedicated to telling the story of the Pakistan movement. This area of ​​the museum focuses on the historical period between 1757 and 1947. You will learn everything you need to know about the glories and trials of modern Pakistan through the many historical photos here. In addition to the main museum complex, the Lahore Museum contains a cafeteria, library, and auditorium. Specialists have access to the museum’s world-famous library, which contains thousands of rare manuscripts. The museum hosts a few throughout the year, so be sure to check out what’s going on here during your visit. Foreigners will be charged Pakistani Rupees 400 to enter Lahore Museum.


Deepthroat Escort in Lahore

Deepthroat Escort in Lahore

Deep gagging or gagging is a form of oral sex in which the female takes her partner’s penis entirely to the throat. This is the most sensitive form of the mouth as it involves face-fucking, endless licking, gagging, shoving, cleaving, and exchanging a lot of body fluids. This is not an easy thing to do from blowjobs from oral sex because it requires a certain type of training because it is not normal for a normal lady to perform this due to the normal reflex of the muzzle. Deepthroating is loved by all Guys almost because it gives a different kind of orgasm when a sexy babe takes your penis into balls inside and makes them feel like they have a bigger penis. Deepthroat provides a more intense feel than the average tongue. Far from normal sex where you can insert your penis driven deep into the receiver’s throat, but to enjoy this weird fetish you need a trained and skilled companion who can pull this act with flying colors as if you were trying it with an amateur who has no experience doing it, It may end up badly causing vomiting and choking.

Escorts in Lahore will give you the ultimate in deep throat fun because they have years of riding experience on it and know ways to train their reflexology and be a deep throat expert. A deep throat requires a partner who can control the pharyngeal reflex, usually when a person touches the back of the throat or the upper part of the mouth. Simply book any of these hot kids listed at Escort Lahore, and you can enjoy the most sensual session of deep digging. These kids are so good at their job, we bet you won’t control yourself from falling for those extravagant voices that Release while you take your penis and lick it like a pacifier. These kids are professionals in this business and will do their best to give you an unforgettable gagging session because they know how to relax the jaw and muzzle reflex while breathing through the nose. We have listed the right escorts in Lahore for you who can provide you this pleasure quite easily as the escorts offered on our portal have perfected this act of taking a man’s penis in the throat.

Once this contact girl in Lahore starts to show her charm, you will start to experience the sexual flavor of passionate oral sex and you will get lost in the dripping sounds, drooling and animal instinct all contributing to making the whole session feel so rewarding and ecstatic. This session will provide you much needed foreplay for one of the most sensitive parts of the penis. Just imagine that the tip of your penis is surrounded by stimulation in a soft, moist throat and the shaft in the mouth of a sexy lady sitting on her knees or lying down as you push your penis is stimulated in the best possible way.

Sensual Massage Escort in Lahore

Sensual Massage Escort in Lahore

Many individuals view these services with a mixture of disdain and disgust, even though massage can provide a range of positive health benefits and an unparalleled sense of pleasure. Today we delve into this topic and we will understand it better and look at the historical origins.

Sensual massage is an intimate activity that uses touch to create a sense of euphoria and relaxation. In the Western world, most of the populace is uninformed with regards to this subject. Generally, erotic massage is used to achieve sexual arousal and is performed mainly on the erogenous areas of the body. Erotic massage is nothing new. They’ve been around for a long time, and they’ve been carried out in a clandestine manner.

People have been partaking in the specialty of arousing rub for millennia. Sensual massage dates back 1,500 to 2,000 years, and is popular in Eastern cultures, including China and India. During the 20th century, scientists and archaeologists discovered evidence that many ancient civilizations regularly enjoyed this type of activity.

In India, sensual massage, like tantric massage, has been developed to include both the spiritual and the physical. These types of massage blended sex, body and spirituality to create an alluring experience. In India, many scholars believe that this is how the concept of tantric sex was created, which means the weaving and expanding of energy. Referring to a prolonged sexual experience visualizing the mind and body to create an orgasm that can last for hours.

Wagah Border in Lahore

Wagah Border in Lahore

The Wagah border is the line of contact between India and Pakistan. It was planned and located during the separation of Pakistan from India. The Wagah Border Map has also been elaborated in an intricate way to increase security. The border is located 600 meters east of Wagah village. The border is strategically placed on the great main road between Lahore, Punjab and Amritsar, India. It is only 3 km away from Attari village which got its ceremony in the name of Wajah Attari Border Ceremony.

If you ever felt proud of your nation, this tourist spot will heighten those feelings considerably. Not only that, but you will also be able to witness the bravery and discipline of our soldiers through various performances and activities. Here are more details about Wagah borders located in Punjab state in India.

The sunset on the Pakistani side makes visiting and enduring the heat during summer unbearable. Winter months, especially January, February, March are the months to be preferred for planning a trip to Wagah Border. The cold weather is a pleasure to watch the party.

If you talk to anyone who’s been to Amritsar, there’s a slight chance that they haven’t made it to the Wagah border. This is chiefly because of the way that this spot has turned into a fundamental piece of each and every Amritsar visit bundle in the country.

The main attraction of the Wagah Border is the parade on both sides of the Radcliffe Line, the demarcation drawn up by the British during the division of the two countries. The most appealing factor of the show, formerly known as the bat retreat ceremony, is that the Indian soldiers carry out the protocol of lowering the flag and finally shake hands with their Pakistani counterparts.

Minar e Pakistan in Lahore

Minar e Pakistan in Lahore

Minar Pakistan, is the National Monument of Pakistan located in the heart of Lahore. The period of construction of the memorial was from 1960 to 1968. The memorial stands on the ground as the Muslim League of India passed the Lahore Resolution on March 23, 1940.

Minar Pakistan Tower in Lahore. It was later called the Pakistani Resolution, on March 23, 1940. The first official call for a separate and independent homeland for the Muslims of British India, as espoused by the Ummah theory. The decision eventually aided in the emergence of an independent Pakistani state in 1947. The tower is located in the middle of an urban park called the Great Iqbal Park.

The tower was designed and supervised by Nasruddin Murad Khan, a Russian-born architect and civil engineer. The minaret provides a panoramic view that can be accessed by taking a flight of stairs or by elevator. The base of the tower is in the shape of a flower. The area around the monument is covered with gardens and flowers. The site is often used for political and religious occasions. It is also known as the Freedom Tower in Pakistan.

The base is about 8 meters above the ground. The tower rises about 62 meters on the base and the total height of the minaret is about 70 meters above the ground. The petals of the flower unfold like the base with a height of 9 meters. The measurement of the pinnacle is around 9.75 meters. The podium is built of ornate tiles and faces the Badshahi Mosque. The base consists of four platforms. To symbolize the humble beginning of the struggle for freedom, the first platform was built with uncut stones from taxis.

The second platform was made of hammered stones and the third was made of hewn stones. The cleaned white marble utilized for the fourth and last stage portrays the progress of the Pakistan Development. The structure uses images of the crescent and stars, which are signs symbolizing the culture of Pakistan, as seen similarly in the national flag.

Anarkali Bazaar in Lahore

Anarkali Bazaar in Lahore

Anarkali Bazaar is among the top 10 places in Lahore. If you love shopping on a budget, Anarkali Bazaar will save your day. Some people believe it is around 200 years old. The name Anarkali is derived from the legend of a girl from the Mughal era named Anarkali who had an affair with the son of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. The emperor denied it as punishment.

Anarkali Bazaar has a variety of products such as textiles, garments, decorative items and jewellery. If you are looking for cheap and affordable items then head to Anarkali Bazaar and in the newer section you can easily find hidden gems like paintings, handicrafts and embroidered goods. It is also famous for Indian jewelry and clothing.

Anarkali aslo serves as a district and union council at Data Gunj Buksh Tehsil in Lahore. It is located in the area that extends from the south of the Lahori Gate of the Walled City to across the Mall Road. The Anarkali Bazar was included in the 2020 World Monuments Watch by the World Monuments Fund to highlight the urgent need to preserve and protect it, as it is currently endangered due to neglect.

Anarkali bazar is one of the oldest surviving markets in the Indian subcontinent, dating back at least 200 years. Its name is derived from the adjacent shrine which is believed to be the name of a clergyman named Anarkali, who was expelled from the city by order of the Mughal Emperor Akbar.

Shalimar Garden in Lahore

Shalimar Garden in Lahore

Shah Jahan built Bagh Shalimar. It is a great Mughal architecture in history. The construction of the park began in 1641 AD and was completed within a year. It was used as a royal pleasure garden during the 16th and 19th centuries. Shalimar Bagh is now located near Grand Trunk Road. The site of Shalimar Garden was originally the property of a noble member of the Lahore family. Mian Muhammad Yusuf donated the garden land to Emperor Shah Jahan, Mian Muhammad Yusuf granted to Emperor Shah Jahan, and the Mian dynasty granted the governance of Shalimar Garden.

The Shalimar Gardens Historic Site was once owned by the Aryan Mayan family of Bagbanpura. Shah Jahan rewarded them with the royal title of Mian for her services and contribution to the then Mughal Empire. Mian Muhammad Yusuf surrendered the possessions of the Mughal Empire under pressure from the royal engineers. They were interested in this particular site because of its ideal location and soil quality.

The Royal Bagh in Lahore has always been in close proximity to the walls so that it can be used exclusively by emperors and their families. In the ancient historical stories, we got traces of this park being so famous for the elephant contest. Shah Jahan used to enjoy the competition between the royal elephants in this park.

The garden is covered on all sides by a high brick wall. An attractive sight to watch due to the amazing intricate decor. The concept of the park was based on Char Bhagh. The dimensions of the park are 658 meters from north to south and 258 meters from east to west. The covered park has an area of ​​about 80 acres. The gardens were spread over seven terraces, but only three of them remain. These three successive terraces are located in the center of the park. These suites were named after: Farah Baksh, Fayez Baksh, Hayat Baksh.

The fountains were supposed to be the biggest talismans for the Mughal families. There are hundreds of fountains that look absolutely gorgeous when they are open. Water pours through the fountains into incredibly beautiful white marble pools. They are well designed in such ancient times. It gives visitors a very relaxing feel. Distribution of fountains in the gardens.

Top 10 Escort Service in Lahore

Top 10 Escort Service in Lahore

Doggy Style:

Doggy is a best and simple sex position for a reason that their are lots of variations and modifications to give the giver and reciever something they enjoy the most and have memorable moments.The entry from the behind and the opening of the hips and then putting the pennis inside the escort lahore vagina slowly slowly will be awesome. Penetrating partner standing or kneeling down making her hands free to roam.

Pushing Tush:

Pusihing tush is also considered as a great sex position to get best sex pleasure. Its a move that helps the both penetrating and recieving partner play around with the back door. If call girl Lahore has interest in playing with the anal penetration then it will be more fun. You can get something extra ordinary in this position.

Butterfly Sex:

Another way to have missionary with a more enhanced experience in sex, that is the Butterfly sex position. This position works having the recieving partner lay back on a slightly elevated surface, bed table, countertop, go off. tlting their hips upward and offering vagina stimulation for having great pleasure of sex.

Countertop sex position:

Sweeping off the countertop is a hottest sex movement in the sex history, you will be totally fantasized after forming the position with your escort in Lahore. This position can be practise on any flat surface that is the right height for your penetrating call girl Lahore. Take some turns controlling the depth of penetration the recieving partner can adjust their legs anywhere in the surface. You both can have the great pleasure of sex.

Uncloak the Clitoris:

If you have never been cool for hand stuff, then this position will guide you in the right way. The vast majoriy of mens with vulvas orgasm from penetration alone, which is totally cool for them. An orgasm isn’t the point of good sex. If you are looking for a partner to get off, while you can kep your hands free and give your clitoris for an expert move. The clit is the best sensitive part of the body with more than 8000 nerves in the tip alone, so it to some gentle.

Rocking Horse:

This sex position is the fave for eye contact and intimate stimulation, the Rocking Horse sex position lets you to have enjoyable sex by sitting between the legs of your partner, and try to wrap your legs and you can modify it however you want. You and your partner can both rock to each other in this exciting sex position. There is a lot of space to control the penetration as you want.

Seated Scissors:

Getting your escort in Lahore on top is the best way to give a boost control of the sex. In Seated Scissors sex position the call girl in Lahore can straddle the partner with one leg inside the and another outside the hip, allowing some extra angles for more sex creative. You can provide additional grinding options for better sex experience.

Baring the Scepter:

If you dont have a strong and long cock then no problem. This is the organic way of sex to have the pussy tight and you cock will became strong and harder. This is the game of pennis. Simply form a ring with your thumb and forefinger around the base of the pennis, pull down and enjoy the sex pleasure. It is the best way to level up your sex experience.


Lazy lovers like spooning sex position because they want to love to do sex in the bed. On lazy morning, there is a few things that we rememberr to hit a morning tussle with your partner. Spooning is the cuddling sex position. Spooning sex position counts among the top 10 favourite sex positions, when your partner enter the big spoon in the escort hole and it becomes very penetrating when it enters from behind. Hands stay free for contact and clitoral feeling and mouth stays free for kisses and grimy talk.

Hands Behind Ankles:

Entering in to the kinky sex portion of our top 10 sex position list, this is a sex position that you will need a comfortable pair of cuffs, best deal of flexibility. Make sure the partner cuffed is comfortable. You want your partner to be penetrate thats why this is the great sex position, you can have more fun while doing this sex. Your escort will open the hips for you and you can put inside your cock slowly slowly to penetrate your partner.

Butterfly Escorts in Lahore

Butterfly Escorts in Lahore

One of the best thing a partner can do is fuciking hard until cum with a greatest sex pleasure. It feels very good. In simple word this is sex position where you lick your partners vagina and fingering at the same time. If you want to bring some memorable moments in your life then you can perform Butterfly sex position with our sexiest blondes in Lahore. Its can be also called a typical position for eating someone out, where the escort partner will lies upon your back and will spread their legs.

Man can use any combination of toys, mouth or finger to stimulate the escort’s vagina and have great fun. This will be like fingering or licking one hand and using toy on clit with another hand. You can do some foreplay before penetrating the escort Lahore, this will increase some thrill and fun. Make sure your escort partner is wet so you can the greatest sex pleasure. Every sex position can not be best for everyone, thats why mens are in researched to find the best sex position to get the greatest sex pleasure.

Butterfly sex position is a pretty good position for those who are here to find new sex position to get awesome sex pleasure. The coolest thing about the butterfly sex position is, it is very easiest to perform and you can perform with anyone, gender doesn’t matter here in this sex position. By having someone standing to thrust, you will get the better angles for the sex. Like this you can give some penetration to your call girls in Lahore.

It is great to have deeper penetration, and it also allows for the clitoral and internal sex. The butterfly sex position can be used for rough sex and slow penetration also, to enjoy more pleasure. In butterfly sex position the escort have no work to do, she can enjoy it by lying on the back. Butterfly might be a little painful and hard to perform, but trust us its will give you the awesome sex pleasure that you want in your life.

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